A Waterfall Lover's Guide
to the
Pacific Northwest

Where to Find Hundreds of Spectacular Waterfalls
in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho
5th Edition, by Gregory A. Plumb

An abundance of both mountains and water makes the Pacific Northwest home to more waterfalls than  any other three-state region in the country.  Nothing is more awe-inspiring than the sight of a column of water plummeting hundreds of feet over a cliff; or more relaxing than the companionable purr of a creek tumbling over fern and stone on the trailside.  This handy, detail-stuffed guide leads day-hikers, Sunday drivers, vacationers, waterfall enthusiasts and general outdoor-users straight to some of Mother Nature's most extravagantly beautiful places.
    The text gives clear directions on how to reach each of the falls and whether accessibility is by car, boat, or foot.  There are plenty of opportunities for exploring, by everyone from rugged backpackers to young families to car travelers.  Is guide is a must for every "waterfall collector".   Author Greg Plumb has spent more than fifteen years map reading, driving, and trekking many spray-soaked miles to find, record, and present this outstanding collection of waterfalls.  Here are some of the features of the 400-page book:

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