A Waterfall Lover's Guide to the Pacific Northwest 5th ed.
South Coast Range 
1 Alsea Area
Waterfall Entries (refer to hardcopy book for descriptions and directions; page numbers are provided below)

Fall Creek Falls
Rating: **
Form: punchbowl
Magnitude: 14
Access: auto (page 242)
USGS Map: Grass Mtn (1984 nl)
Edition: 1st

Green Peak Falls
Rating: **
Form: fan
Magnitude: 55
Access: bushwhack (page 242)
USGS Map: Glenbrook (1984)
Edition: 2nd

Alsea Falls
Rating: **
Form: cascade
Magnitude: 30
Access: trail (page 243)
USGS Map: Glenbrook (1984)
Edition: 1st

Use the following Waterfalls for Intrepid Explorers hyperlink to access an index for information on exploring the following waterfall:
Cascade Falls, USGS Five Rivers (1984 ns)

Fish Hatchery Falls (u), USGS Alsea (1985 nl) was prohibited to the public when field-truthed.  Maps indicate that Wheelock Creek Falls (u), USGS Tidewater (1984 nl) is not likely accessible.  

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