A Waterfall Lover's Guide to the Pacific Northwest 5th ed.
Index for Intrepid Explorers

The following table lists waterfalls not yet seen by the author. Some but not all have been visited and reported by others.

Explorers must exercise extra caution when seeking out any of these cataracts. Let someone know where you are going.
Don't bring children or persons in cases where it wouldn't be prudent to take them on such a journey.
Stay away from steeply sloping surfaces, especially if bare.
Know your physical capabilities and do not exceed them. Turn back whenever you feel insecure about the route ahead.
Plot your route using a GPS device, especially if you are bushwhacking. It will help you get back to where you came.

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Entry DateNameUSGS MapCountyStateSection
2021-01-03Upper Bridal Veil FallsBridal Veil (1994 nl)Hood RiverOregoncg01
2021-01-03Middle Bridal Veil FallsBridal Veil (1994 ns)Hood RiverOregoncg01
2021-01-03East Idiot FallsCochran (1974 ns)TillamookOregoncn05
2021-01-03Idiot Creek FallsCochran (1974 ns)TillamookOregoncn05
2021-01-03Upper East FallsCochran (1974 ns)TillamookOregoncn05
2021-01-03Lower Idiot Creek Falls (u)Cochran (1974 ns)TillamookOregoncn05
2021-01-03Middle Stafford FallsWoods Point (1979 ns)TillamookOregoncn05
2021-01-03Stafford FallsWoods Point (1979 ns)TillamookOregoncn05
2021-01-03Upper Stafford FallsCochran (1974 ns)TillamookOregoncn05
2019-10-27Hug Point Falls (u)Arch Cape (1985 ns)ClatsopOregoncn05
2018-07-01Hazard Falls aka Hyatt Creek Falls (u)Indian Mountain (1963)IdahoIdahowi04
2018-07-01Hazard Creek Falls (u)Hazard Lake (1963 ns)IdahoIdahowi04
2017-07-25Golden FallsAggipah Mountain (1962 ns)ValleyIdahowi09
2017-07-25Mist FallsAggipah Mountain (1962 ns)LemhiIdahowi09
2017-07-25Nugget Creek Falls (u)Aggipah Mountain (1962 ns)IdahoIdahowi09
2017-07-22Zeno FallsHill Pasture (1972 ns)OwyheeIdahosr02
2017-07-22Camel FallsWagon Box Basin (1973)OwyheeIdahosr02
2017-07-22Austin Butte Falls (u)Austin Butte (1980 nl)OwyheeIdahosr02
2017-07-22Sinking Canyon Falls (u)Balanced Rock (1992 nl)Twin FallsIdahosr03
2017-07-22Phantom FallsMahogany Butte (1977 nl)CassiaIdahosr04
2017-07-22Rainbow FallsPalisades Peak (1996 ns)BonnevilleIdahosr07
2017-07-22West Rainbow FallsPalisades Peak (1996 ns)BonnevilleIdahosr07
2017-07-20Snowshoe FallsHuckleberry Butte (1994 ns)IdahoIdahowi02
2017-07-20Bimerick FallsMcLendon Butte (1994 nl)IdahoIdahowi02
2017-07-20Patsy Ann FallsTin Cup Lake (1999)IdahoIdahowi03
2017-07-20Goose Creek Falls (u)Meadows (1973 ns)AdamsIdahowi04
2017-07-20Wildhorse FallsCuddy Mtn (1987)AdamsIdahowi05
2017-07-20Lower Rush Falls (u)Rush Peak (1986 nl)WashingtonIdahowi05
2017-07-20Rush FallsRush Peak (1986)WashingtonIdahowi05
2017-07-20Fall Creek Falls (u)House Mtn (1973 nl)ElmoreIdahowi07
2017-07-20Smith FallsWarbonnet Peak (1972)BoiseIdahowi08
2017-07-20Scenic Creek Falls (u)Nahneke Mtn (1972 nl)ElmoreIdahowi08
2017-07-20Velvet FallsBig Soldier Mtn (1990)ValleyIdahowi09
2017-07-20Tappan FallsBear Creek Point (1962 ns)LemhiIdahowi09
2017-07-20Waterfall Creek FallsPuddin Mtn (1962 ns)LemhiIdahowi09
2017-07-20Veil FallsAggipah Mtn (1962 ns)LemhiIdahowi09
2017-07-20East Pass Creek Falls (u)Meridian Peak (1967 nl)CusterIdahowi12
2017-07-20Salmon FallsDevils Teeth Rapids (1999)IdahoIdahowi14
2017-07-20Black Canyon FallsSheep Hill (1995)IdahoIdahowi14
2017-07-19Lion Creek Falls (u)Smith Peak (1996 ns)BoundaryIdahoph02
2017-07-19Johnson Creek Falls (u)Clark Fork (1996 nl)BonnerIdahoph04
2017-07-19Cooper Gulch Falls (u)Thompson Pass (1999 nl)SandersMontanaph12
2017-07-19Scribner FallsPole Mtn (1994)ShoshoneIdahoph13
2017-07-19Tumbledown FallsConrad Peak (1995 ns)ShoshoneIdahoph13
2017-07-19Rambikur FallsIllinois Peak (1999)ShoshoneIdahoph13
2017-07-18Tumwater Falls Quinton (1971 ns)ShermanOregoncp01
2017-07-18Meadow Brooks Falls Dale (1995)GrantOregoncp01
2017-07-18Upper Tumalo Falls (u) Tumalo Falls (1988 nl)DeschutesOregoncp03
2017-07-18Outlet Falls (u) Paulina Peak (1981 ns)DeschutesOregoncp07
2017-07-18Minam Falls Jim White Ridge (1993 ns)WallowaOregoncp08
2017-07-18John Henry Falls (u) North Minam Meadows (1990 nl)WallowaOregoncp08
2017-07-18Lillyville Falls (u) North Minam Meadows (1990 nl)WallowaOregoncp08
2017-07-18Murray Creek Falls (u) Chief Joseph Mtn (1990 nl)WallowaOregoncp08
2017-07-18Squaw Falls Elbow Creek (1995)WallowaOregoncp08
2017-07-18Imnaha Falls Deadman Point (1990)WallowaOregoncp09
2017-07-18Copper Creek Falls Bennet Peak (1990)UnionOregoncp09
2017-07-18East Fork Falls Cornucopia (1990)BakerOregoncp09
2017-07-18West Fork Falls (u) Cornucopia (1990 nl)BakerOregoncp09
2017-07-18Pine Lakes Falls (u) Cornucopia (1990 nl)BakerOregoncp09
2017-07-18Kettle Creek Falls (u) Krag Peak (1990 nl)BakerOregoncp09
2017-07-18Strawberry FallsStrawberry Mtn (1996)GrantOregoncp10
2017-07-18Slide FallsStrawberry Mtn (1996 nl)GrantOregoncp10
2017-07-18Emigrant Creek Falls (u)Bear Canyon Butte (1992 ns)HarneyOregoncp10
2017-07-18Upper FallsKeys Creek (1992)CrookOregoncp10
2017-07-18Klamath FallsKlamath Falls (1985)KlamathOregoncp11
2017-07-17Zigzag Falls (u) Mount Hood South (1996 ns)Hood RiverOregonmc01
2017-07-17Compass Creek Falls (u)Mount Hood South (1980 ns)Hood RiverOregonmc04
2017-07-17Canon Ball FallsMount Hood South (1980 nl)Hood RiverOregonmc04
2017-07-17Chak Chak Falls (u)Wildcat Mountain (1999 ns)ClackamasOregonmc06
2017-07-17Tipsu Falls (u)Wildcat Mountain (1999 ns)ClackamasOregonmc06
2017-07-17Shower Creek FallsBagby Hot Springs (1997 ns)ClackamasOregonmc07
2017-07-17Pup Creek FallsThree Lynx (1997 ns)ClackamasOregonmc07
2017-07-17Heart Lake Falls (u)Echo Mountain (1994 nl)LinnOregonmc14
2017-07-17Moose Creek FallsCascadia (1994 ns)LinnOregonmc15
2017-07-17Falls Creek Falls (u)Upper Soda (1994 nl)LinnOregonmc15
2017-07-17Middle Falls Creek Falls (u)Upper Soda (1994 nl)LinnOregonmc15
2017-07-17Cascade FallsYellowstone Mtn (1985)LinnOregonmc16
2017-07-17West Fork Valley Falls (u) Yellowstone Mtn (1985 nl)LinnOregonmc16
2017-07-17Cascade FallsFarmers Butte (1997)LinnOregonmc16
2017-07-17Sixes Creek Falls (u)Quartzville (1994 nl)LinnOregonmc16
2017-07-17Boundary Creek Falls (u)Swamp Mtn (1997 nl)
2017-07-17Twin FallsQuartzville (1994 ns)
2017-07-16Linton FallsLinton Lake (1997)LaneOregonsc02
2017-07-16Obsidian FallsNorth Sister (1997)LaneOregonsc02
2017-07-16Honey Creek FallsSubstitute Point (1997)LaneOregonsc02
2017-07-16Indian Holes FallsSouth Sister (1997)LaneOregonsc02
2017-07-16Mosquito Valley Falls (u)French Mtn (1997 nl)LaneOregonsc02
2017-07-16Fall Creek Falls (u)Sinker Mtn (1986 nl)LaneOregonsc03
2017-07-16Youngs Creek Falls (u)Warner Mtn (1997 nl)LaneOregonsc05
2017-07-16South Verdun Rock Falls (u)Mt. David Douglas (1997 nl)LaneOregonsc06
2017-07-16Verdun Rock Falls (u)Mt. David Douglas (1997 nl)LaneOregonsc06
2017-07-16North Verdun Rock Falls (u)Mt. David Douglas (1997 nl)LaneOregonsc06
2017-07-16Upper Trestle Creek FallsRose Hill (1998 ns)LaneOregonsc07
2017-07-16Upper Deer Lick Falls (u)Twin Lakes Mtn (1997 nl)DouglasOregonsc14
2017-07-16Plaikni FallsCrater Lake East (1999 ns)KlamathOregonsc17
2017-07-16Button Creek Falls (u)Sugarpine Creek (1997 nl)JacksonOregonsc18
2017-07-16Flat Creek Falls (u)Sugarpine Creek (1997 nl)JacksonOregonsc18
2017-07-16Lost Lake Falls (u)Grizzly Peak (1988 nl)JacksonOregonsc21
2017-07-16Lower Lost Lake Falls (u)Grizzly Peak (1988 nl)JacksonOregonsc21
2017-07-16Emigrant Creek Falls (u)Siskiyou Pass (2001 nl)JacksonOregonsc21
2017-07-15Cascade FallsFive Rivers (1984 ns)LincolnOregoncs01
2017-07-15Camp Creek Falls (u)Old Blue (1990 nl)DouglasOregoncs02
2017-07-15Coos Valley Falls (u)Coos Mtn (1990 nl)CoosOregoncs05
2017-07-15Middle Creek FallsMcKinley (1971 ns)CoosOregoncs06
2017-07-15Brewster Canyon Falls (u)Mount Gurney (1990 nl)CoosOregoncs06
2017-07-15Lost Creek FallsMount Gurney (1990)CoosOregoncs06
2017-07-15Cedar Valley Falls (u)Callahan (1990 nl)DouglasOregoncs06
2017-07-15Hubbard Creek Falls (u)Callahan (1990 nl)DouglasOregoncs06
2017-07-15Lower North Fork Elk Falls (u)China Flat (1996 nl)CoosOregoncs07
2017-07-15Middle Coquille River Falls (u)Illahe (1998 nl)CoosOregoncs07
2017-07-15Silver FallsYork Butte (1998)JosephineOregoncs08
2017-07-15Flora Dell FallsIllahe (1998 ns)CurryOregoncs08
2017-07-14Clatskanie Falls (u)Delena (1985 nl)ColumbiaOregoncn02
2017-07-14Gnat Creek FallsNicolai Mtn (1985)ClatsopOregoncn03
2017-07-14Necarney FallsArch Cape (1985 ns)TillamookOregoncn05
2017-07-14Kilchis FallsCedar Butte (1984)TillamookOregoncn05
2017-07-14Chitwood FallsNeskowin (1985 ns)TillamookOregoncn08
2017-07-14Ki-a-Kuts FallsGobblers Knob (1979 ns)WashingtonOregoncn10
2017-07-14Euchre FallsEuchre Mtn (1984)LincolnOregoncn9
2017-07-14Slide Creek Falls (u)Carson (1994 nl)Hood RiverOregoncg07
2017-07-14Lancaster FallsMount Defiance (1994)Hood RiverOregoncg09
2017-07-14Summit Creek Falls (u)Mount Defiance (1994 nl)Hood RiverOregoncg09
2017-07-14Mill Creek FallsBrown Creek (1994)WascoOregoncg12
2017-07-13Lower Ninemile Falls (u)Ninemile Flat (1994 ns)FerryWashingtonie03
2017-07-13Ninemile FallsNinemile Flat (1994)FerryWashingtonie03
2017-07-13Wilmont Creek Falls (u)Miller Mtn (1994 ns)FerryWashingtonie03
2017-07-13McLoughlin FallsKeystone (1980)OkanoganWashingtonie12
2017-07-13Martin FallsSteamboat Rock SE (1968)GrantWashingtonie15
2017-07-13Crater Coulee Falls (u)Babcock Ridge (1966 nl)GrantWashingtonie15
2017-07-13Towell FallsHonn Lakes (1981)WhitmanWashingtonie16
2017-07-13Goat Lake Falls (u)Old Snowy Mountain (1988 ns)LewisWashingtongp02
2017-07-13Smith Gorge Falls (u)Smith Creek Butte (2000 nl)SkamaniaWashingtongp03
2017-07-13Smith Falls (u)Smith Creek Butte (2000 nl)SkamaniaWashingtongp03
2017-07-13West Smith Falls (u)Smith Creek Butte (2000 nl)SkamaniaWashingtongp03
2017-07-13East Smith Falls (u)Smith Creek Butte (2000 nl)SkamaniaWashingtongp03
2017-07-13Upper East Smith Falls (u)Smith Creek Butte (2000 nl)SkamaniaWashingtongp03
2017-07-13Fleeting Falls (u)Smith Creek Butte (2000 nl)SkamaniaWashingtongp03
2017-07-13Ape Canyon Falls (u)Smith Creek Butte (2000 nl)SkamaniaWashingtongp03
2017-07-13Cape Horn Creek Falls (u)Ariel (1994 nl)CowlitzWashingtongp05
2017-07-13Chocolate FallsMount St Helens (1998 ns)SkamaniaWashingtongp07
2017-07-13Upper Sheep Canyon Falls (u)Mount St Helens (1998 ns)CowlitzWashingtongp07
2017-07-13Sheep Canyon Falls (u)Mount St Helens (1998 ns)CowlitzWashingtongp07
2017-07-13McClellan Falls (u)Burnt Peak (1998 ns)SkamaniaWashingtongp08
2017-07-13Hidden FallsDole (2000 nl)ClarkWashingtongp11
2017-07-13Trapper Creek Falls (u)Bare Mtn (2000 ns)SkamaniaWashingtongp12
2017-07-13Little Niagara FallsQuartz Creek Butte (2011)SkamaniaWashingtongp13
2017-07-13Lost Creek Falls (u)Little Huckleberry Mtn (1998 nl)SkamaniaWashingtongp13
2017-07-13Lower Hellroaring Falls (u)Mount Adams East (2000 nl)YakimaWashingtongp14
2017-07-13Rattlesnake Falls (u)Camas Prairie (1983 nl)KlickiatWashingtongp15
2017-07-13Lower Rattlesnake Falls (u)Camas Prairie (1983 nl)KlickiatWashingtongp15
2017-07-12Maple FallsMt. Rainier East (1971)LewisWashingtonmr09
2017-07-12Nickel Creek Basin (five falls)Mt. Rainier East (1971 l & nl)PierceWashingtonmr10
2017-07-12Wauhaukaupauken FallsMt. Rainier East (1971 nl)PierceWashingtonmr10
2017-07-12Ohanapecosh Park (five falls)Mt. Rainier East (1971 l & nl)PierceWashingtonmr10
2017-07-12Huckleberry Creek Falls (u)Mt. Rainier East (1971 nl)PierceWashingtonmr10
2017-07-12Garda FallsSunrise (1971)PierceWashingtonmr10
2017-07-12Van Horn FallsSunrise (1971)PierceWashingtonmr10
2017-07-12Upper Van Horn Falls (nl)Sunrise (1971 nl)PierceWashingtonmr10
2017-07-12Crag Lake Falls (u)Cougar Lake (2000 nl)YakimaWashingtonmr12
2017-07-12Upper Crag Lake Falls (u)Cougar Lake (2000 nl)YakimaWashingtonmr12
2017-07-12Feeder Falls (u)Jennies Butte (2000 ns)YakimaWashingtonmr16
2017-07-11Martins FallsMount Christie (2003 nl)JeffersonWashingtonol02
2017-07-11Marys FallsMount Angeles (2003 nl)ClallamWashingtonol02
2017-07-11PJ Lake Falls (u)Mount Angeles (2003 ns)ClallamWashingtonol02
2017-07-11Bridge Creek Falls (u)Mount Carrie (1965 nl)ClallamWashingtonol03
2017-07-11Hoh Lake Falls (u)Bogachiel Peak (1950 nl)ClallamWashingtonol03
2017-07-11Mineral Creek Falls (u)Owl Mountain (1990 nl)JeffersonWashingtonol05
2017-07-11Warkum Creek Falls (u)Hunger Mountain (1990 nl)ClallamWashingtonol05
2017-07-11Goodman Falls (u)Toleak Point (1982 nl)JeffersonWashingtonol08
2017-07-11Graves Creek Falls (u)Mount Hoquiam (2000 nl)JeffersonWashingtonol9
2017-07-11Honeymoon Meadows Falls (u)Mount Steel (2003 nl)JeffersonWashingtonol10
2017-07-11LaCrosse Falls (u)Mount Steel (2003 nl)
2017-07-11White Creek Falls (u)Mount Deception (1990 nl)JeffersonWashingtonol10
2017-07-11Royal Creek Falls (u)Mount Steel (2003 nl)JeffersonWashingtonol11
2017-07-11Hatana FallsWellesley Peak (2003)JeffersonWashingtonol12
2017-07-11Home Sweet Home Falls (u)Mount Steel (2003 nl)JeffersonWashingtonol12
2017-07-11Whitehorse Creek Falls (u)Mount Skokomish (2000 nl)MasonWashingtonol13
2017-07-11Tebo Falls (u)Mount Tebo (1990 nl)MasonWashingtonol14
2017-07-11Skokomish Falls (u)Mount Tebo (1990 nl)MasonWashingtonol14
2017-07-11Fisk FallsPeEll (1993)LewisWashingtonol21
2017-07-10No Name Creek Falls (u)Hozomeen Mtn (1969 ns)WhatcomWashingtonnc27
2017-07-10Arctic Creek Falls (u)Hozomeen Mtn (1969 ns)WhatcomWashingtonnc27
2017-07-10Little Beaver Valley Falls (u)Mount Challenger (1989 nl)WhatcomWashingtonnc27
2017-07-10Eureka Creek Falls (u)McLeod Mtn (1991 ns)OkanoganWashingtonnc29
2017-07-09Asbestos FallsHelena Ridge (1989)SnohomishWashingtonnc18
2017-07-09Goat Lake Falls (u)Sloan Peak (1982 nl)SnohomishWashingtonnc18
2017-07-09Perry Creek Falls (u)Bedal (1982 nl)SnohomishWashingtonnc18
2017-07-09Sunday FallsMonte Cristo (1982 ns)SnohomishWashingtonnc18
2017-07-09Hilt Creek Falls (u)Rockport (1982 nl)SkagitWashingtonnc19
2017-07-09Middle Whatcom Falls (u)Bellingham North (1994 ns)WhatcomWashingtonnc22
2017-07-09Excelsior Falls (u)Bearpaw Mtn (1989 nl)WhatcomWashingtonnc25
2017-07-09Upper Excelsior Falls (u)Bearpaw Mtn (1989 nl)WhatcomWashingtonnc25
2017-07-09Middle Wells Creek Falls (u)Bearpaw Mtn (1989 nl)WhatcomWashingtonnc25
2017-07-09Mazama FallsShuksan Arm (1989)WhatcomWashingtonnc25
2017-07-09Winchester Creek Falls (u)Mount Sefrit (1989 nl)WhatcomWashingtonnc25
2017-06-29Fifteenmile FallsHobart (1993 ns)KingWashingtonnc01
2017-06-29Green Mountain Falls (u)Lake Philippa (1989 nl)KingWashingtonnc04
2017-06-29Wise Falls (u)Lake Philippa (1989 nl)KingWashingtonnc04
2017-06-29Falls Creek Falls (u)Enchantment Lakes (1989 nl)ChelanWashingtonnc07
2017-06-29Hardscrabble Creek Falls (u)Enchantment Lakes (1989 nl)ChelanWashingtonnc07
2017-06-29West Colchuck Falls (u)Enchantment Lakes (1989 nl)ChelanWashingtonnc07
2017-06-29Perfection Lake Falls (u)Enchantment Lakes (1989 nl)ChelanWashingtonnc07
2017-06-29Upper Snow Creek Falls (u)Enchantment Lakes (1989 nl)ChelanWashingtonnc07
2017-06-29Lake Isabel Falls (u)Index (1989 nl)SnohomishWashingtonnc11
2017-06-29Hart Lake Falls (u)Holden (1988 nl)ChelanWashingtonnc32
2017-06-29Agnes Gorge Falls (u)Mount Lyall (1987 ns)ChelanWashingtonnc32
2017-06-29Copper FallsHolden (1988 nl)ChelanWashingtonnc32
2017-06-29Crown Point FallsSuiattle Pass (1988)ChelanWashingtonnc32
2017-06-29Lyman Lake Falls (u)Suiattle Pass (1988 nl)ChelanWashingtonnc32
2017-06-29Monkey Bear Falls Pinnacle Mountain (1988 ns)ChelanWashingtonnc32
2017-06-29Ten Mile Falls Holden (1988 nl)ChelanWashingtonnc32
2017-06-28Apparition Falls (u)Government Camp (1997 ns)ClackamasOregonmc01
2017-06-28Disappointment Falls (u)Government Camp (1997 ns)ClackamasOregonmc01
2017-06-28Little Gorge Falls (u)Government Camp (1997 ns)ClackamasOregonmc01
2017-06-28Trillium Falls (u)Bull Run Lake (1980 ns)ClackamasOregonmc01
2017-06-27Paradise Branch Falls (u)Government Camp (1997 nl)ClackamasOregonmc01
2017-06-27Reid Glacier Falls (u)Mount Hood South (1996 ns)ClackamasOregonmc01
2017-06-27Sandy River Falls (u)Government Camp (1997 ns)ClackamasOregonmc01
2017-06-27Yocum Ridge Falls (u)Mount Hood North (1996 ns)ClackamasOregonmc01

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