A Waterfall Lover's Guide to the Pacific Northwest 5th ed.
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Benson Falls (u)6
Blue Grouse Falls (u)6
Bridal Veil Falls1
BZ Falls13
Cabin Creek Falls9
Celilo Falls12
Chaos Falls13
Coopey Falls1
Cushing Falls12
Dead Point Creek Falls (u)10
Divers Creek Falls (u)10
Docs Drop Falls (u)17
Dog Creek Falls (u)13
Dougan Falls17
Dry Creek Falls7
Dutchman Falls (u)2
Eagle Creek Falls (u)6
Eagle Tanner Falls (u)6
East Fork Falls (u)5
East Fork Falls (u)6
Ecola Falls2
Elowah Falls4
Fairy Falls2
Falls Creek Falls (u)6
Four Mile Falls (u)6
Gorton Creek Falls8
Greenleaf Falls (u)15
Greenleaf Peak Falls (u)15
Hardy Falls16
Hole-in-the-Wall Falls9
Horsetail Falls3
Husum Falls13
Insipient Falls (u)7
Lancaster Falls9
Latourell Falls1
Lindsey Creek Falls (u)9
Little Multnomah Falls (u)2
Loowit Falls6
Lower Falls18
Lower Multnomah Falls2
Lower Oneonta Falls3
Lower Punch Bowl Falls6
Lower Rock Creek Falls (u)15
Metlako Falls6
Middle Bridal Veil Falls1
Middle Four Mile Falls (u)6
Middle Oneonta Falls (u)3
Middle Rock Creek Falls (u)15
Middle Ruckel Creek Falls (u)6
Middle Tanner Creek Falls (u)5
Mile Five Falls (u)10
Mill Creek Falls12
Mist Falls2
Moffett Falls5
Mosier Creek Falls (u)11
Multnomah Falls2
Munra Falls (u)5
Naked Falls17
Necktie Falls2
Nick Eaton Falls (u)7
North Benson Falls (u)6
North Fork Falls (u)15
North Yacolt Burn Falls (u)15
Oneonta Falls3
Opal Creek Falls (u)6
Pacific Crest Falls (u)7
Petersburg Falls (u)12
Ponytail Falls3
Punch Bowl Falls6
Punchbowl Falls10
Reeder Falls17
Rock Creek Falls (u)15
Rock Falls (u)11
Rodney Falls16
Rowena Dell Falls (u)11
Ruckel Creek Falls (u)6
Salmon Falls17
Sheppards Dell Falls1
Shipherd Falls14
Skoonichuk Falls6
Slide Creek Falls (u)7
Sorenson Creek Falls (u)6
Spirit Falls13
Stairstep Falls13
Starvation Creek Falls9
Stebbins Creek Falls (u)17
Steep Creek Falls (u)15
Summit Creek Falls (u)9
Sweeney Falls14
Tenas Falls (u)6
The Dalles12
The Potholes18
Tish Creek Falls (u)6
Triple Falls3
Tunnel Falls6
Upper Bridal Veil Falls1
Upper Dog Creek Falls (u)13
Upper Falls Creek Falls (u)6
Upper Four Mile Falls (u)6
Upper Greenleaf Falls (u)15
Upper Latourell Falls1
Upper McCord Creek Falls4
Upper Moffett Falls (u)5
Upper Multnomah Falls (u)2
Upper Opal Creek Falls (u)6
Upper Rock Creek Falls (u)15
Upper Ruckel Creek Falls (u)6
Upper Tanner Creek Falls (u)5
Upper Tenas Falls (u)6
Upper Wauna Falls (u)6
Upper West Branch Falls (u)6
Wah Gwin Gwin Falls10
Wahclella Falls5
Wahe Falls5
Wahkeena Falls2
Warren Falls9
Waucoma North Falls (u)6
Waucoma South Falls (u)6
Wauna Falls (u)6
Weisendanger Falls2
West Branch Falls (u)6
West Fork Falls (u)13
Windsong Falls (u)7
Woodburn Falls18
Woodward Falls (u)16
Wy'East Falls (u)6
Yacolt Burn Falls (u)15

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