A Waterfall Lover's Guide to the Pacific Northwest 5th ed.
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Name Section
Buckeye Creek Falls (u)16
Calispell Creek Falls (u)6
Canada Island Falls (u)1
Cedar Falls6
Chamokane Falls2
Cow Creek Falls (u)17
Crater Coulee Falls (u)15
Crystal Falls6
Delzer Falls15
Diversion Dam Falls (u)1
Douglas Falls7
Dovetail Falls (u)6
Dry Falls15
Elk Creek Falls4
Exley Falls6
Flume Creek Falls (u)5
Gildersleeve Falls17
Hawk Creek Falls3
Hn(wa'(we'elshn Falls1
Hompegg Falls17
Kettle Falls8
Little Chamokane Falls2
Little Falls2
Little Nespelem Falls (u)14
Little Palouse Falls17
Lower Ninemile Falls (u)3
Lower Sherman Creek Falls10
Marble Creek Falls (u)7
Martin Falls15
McLoughlin Falls12
Metaline Falls4
Meyers Falls8
Middle Palouse Falls (u)17
Mill Creek Falls (u)7
Mission Falls13
Multnomah Falls14
Nespelem Falls (u)14
Nine Mile Falls1
Nine Mile Falls11
Ninemile Falls3
Palouse Falls17
Pewee Falls5
Quillisascut Creek Falls (u)3
Reiser Falls15
Rickey Rapids8
Rock Creek Falls16
Salmon Falls12
Sheep Creek Falls9
Sheep Creek Falls (u)17
Sherman Creek Falls10
Spokane Falls1
Spray Falls14
Summer Falls15
Sweet Creek Falls4
Towell Falls16
Tucannon River Falls (u)17
Upper Falls9
Upper Falls1
Upper Cow Creek Falls (u)17
Upper Meyers Falls (u)8
Upper Palouse Falls (u)17
Upper Sherman Creek Falls10
Weimer Creek Falls (u)17
Wilmont Creek Falls (u)3
Wilson Creek Falls15

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