A Waterfall Lover's Guide to the Pacific Northwest 5th ed.
Index for Idaho Wilderness

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Baron Creek Falls8
Bear Creek Falls5
Benton Creek Falls (u)5
Big Falls6
Big Fall Creek Falls12
Big Fiddler Creek Falls7
Bimerick Falls2
Black Canyon Falls14
Boulder Falls (u)12
Boulder Mountain Falls (u)12
Bridal Veil Falls10
Carey Falls4
Dagger Falls9
Dead Elk Creek Falls (u)3
Devlin Falls13
East Pass Creek Falls (u)12
Fall Creek Falls12
Fall Creek Falls (u)4
Fall Creek Falls (u)7
Falls from Kirkham Hot Springs (u)6
Fern Falls8
Forge Creek Falls (u)10
Fountain Creek Falls14
Goat Creek Falls (u)8
Goat Falls11
Gold Fork Falls (u)6
Golden Falls9
Goose Creek Falls4
Hazard Falls4
Hazard Creek Falls (u)4
Hoodoo Creek Falls (u)1
Horsetail Falls2
Hyatt Creek Falls (u)4
Jerry Johnson Falls (u)3
Lady Face Falls10
Little Falls6
Little Salmon Falls (u)4
Long Gulch Falls (u)7
Lost Creek Falls5
Lower Little Salmon Falls (u)4
Lower Redfish Falls (u)11
Lower Rush Falls (u)5
Mallard Creek Falls14
Middle Redfish Falls (u)11
Mist Falls9
Napias Creek Falls13
North Fork Falls (u)12
Nugget Creek Falls (u)9
Patsy Ann Falls3
Redfish Falls (u)11
Rush Falls5
Salmon Falls14
Scenic Creek Falls (u)8
Selway Falls1
Shoestring Falls2
Sixmile Creek Falls (u)6
Slippy Creek Falls (u)4
Smith Falls8
Smith Creek Falls (u)7
Smiths Ferry Falls (u)6
Snowshoe Falls2
Tappan Falls9
Tohobit Creek Falls (u)8
Trail Creek Falls12
Tumble Creek Falls (u)2
Upper Goat Creek Falls (u)8
Upper Sixmile Creek Falls (u)6
Veil Falls9
Velvet Falls9
Warbonnet Falls (u)8
Waterfall Creek Falls (u)9
Wild Horse Creek Falls (u)2
Wildhorse Falls5

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