A Waterfall Lover's Guide to the Pacific Northwest 5th ed.
Index for Columbia Plateau
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Name Section
Adam Creek Falls9
Awbrey Falls3
Benham Falls4
Big Falls3
Bogus Creek Falls (u)11
Bridge Creek Falls (u)3
Buck Falls1
Canal Falls (u)3
Celestial Falls1
Chapman Hollow Falls (u)1
Chloride Falls (u)10
Chush Falls2
Cline Falls3
Copper Creek Falls8
Crater Creek Falls (u)5
Deep Creek Falls11
Deep Creek Falls (u)8
Dillon Falls4
East Fork Falls9
Emigrant Creek Falls (u)10
Fall Creek Falls5
Fall Creek Falls (u)10
Fall Creek Falls (u)11
Fall River Falls6
Falls Creek Falls8
Falls of Sycan River (u)11
Footbridge Falls (u)7
Glutton Falls1
Groundhog Falls11
Horseshoe Falls1
Hunter Falls8
Imnaha Falls9
John Henry Falls (u)8
Kettle Creek Falls (u)9
Klamath Falls11
Lava Island Falls4
Lillyville Falls (u)8
Little Willow Creek Falls (u)11
Lookingglass Falls8
Loveless Creek Falls (u)11
Lower Falls10
Lower Falls Little Minam River8
Lower South Fork Falls (u)2
Lower White River Falls (u)1
McKay Falls (u)7
Meadow Brooks Falls1
Middle Sycan River Falls (u)11
Middle Tumalo Falls (u)3
Middle White River Falls (u)1
Minam Falls8
Murray Creek Falls (u)8
North Fork Falls (u)10
North Fork Wolf Falls (u)10
Odin Falls3
Outline Falls (u)7
Park Creek Falls (u)2
Paulina Creek Falls7
Pine Hollow Falls (u)1
Pine Lakes Falls (u)9
Pipeline Falls (u)7
Pringle Falls6
Rock Creek Falls (u)10
Sherars Falls1
Silver Creek Falls (u)8
Slide Falls10
Soda Creek Falls (u)5
Soda Spring Falls (u)5
South Fork Falls10
Squaw Falls8
Steelhead Falls3
Strawberry Falls10
The Cascades2
The Water Fall11
Thompson Falls1
Tumalo Falls3
Tumwater Falls1
Upper Falls10
Upper Chush Falls2
Upper Falls Deschutes River4
Upper Hunter Falls (u)8
Upper Rock Creek Falls (u)10
Upper South Fork Falls (u)2
Upper Sycan River Falls (u)11
Upper Tumalo Falls (u)3
Wallowa Falls9
Waterfalls Hollow Falls (u)1
West Fork Falls (u)9
White River Falls1
Wolf Hollow Falls1

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