A Waterfall Lover's Guide to the Pacific Northwest 5th ed.
Index for Middle Cascades
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Name Section
Abiqua Falls9
Apparition Falls (u)1
Ayers Falls10
Bald Peter Creek Falls (u)16
Battle Ax Creek Falls (u)11
Bear Valley Falls (u)15
Blister Creek Falls (u)7
Bonnie Creek Falls (u)16
Boundary Creek Falls (u)16
Butte Creek Falls9
Camp Creek Falls (u)16
Canon Ball Falls4
Cascade Falls16
Cascade Falls16
Cedar Creek Falls (u)16
Chak Chak Falls (u)6
Coal Creek Falls (u)16
Compass Creek Falls (u)4
Cougar Creek Falls (u)15
Cougar Rock Falls (u)15
Crabtree Creek Falls (u)16
Crabtree Valley Falls (u)16
Crash Creek Falls (u)16
Crystal Falls16
Dan Falls (u)11
Dave Falls (u)11
Deadman Creek Falls (u)16
Deannas Slide (u)11
Devil Canyon Falls (u)2
Disappointment Falls (u)1
Dogleg Falls (u)15
Double Falls8
Downing Creek Falls (u)13
Drake Falls8
Drift Creek Falls8
East Coe Branch Falls (u)4
Evans Creek Falls (u)11
Fall Creek Falls9
Falls Creek Falls (u)15
Final Falls2
French Basin Falls (u)12
Frenchie Falls8
Frustration Falls2
Galena Ridge Falls (u)16
Gatch Falls13
Gooch Cascades (u)13
Gooch Falls13
Hall Creek Falls (u)16
Hamilton Creek Falls (u)16
Heart Lake Falls (u)14
Henline Falls11
Hideaway Falls2
High Deck Falls (u)15
Homestead Creek Falls (u)9
Horseshoe Falls10
House Rock Falls (u)14
Husky Creek Falls (u)15
Indian Prairie Falls (u)16
Jackie Falls (u)11
Jerry Falls (u)11
Koosah Falls14
Little Gorge Falls (u)1
Little Niagara Falls2
Little Zigzag Falls2
Lower Falls16
Lower Falls Creek Falls (u)15
Lower Gooch Falls (u)13
Lower Moose Mountain Falls (u)15
Lower North Falls8
Lower Rock Creek Falls (u)16
Lower Shellburg Falls10
Lower Singer Falls (u)5
Lower Soda Falls15
Lower South Falls8
Majestic Falls16
Marion Falls13
Mark Falls (u)11
McDowell Creek Falls (u)16
McKay Falls (u)9
McNabb Falls16
Memaloose Creek Falls (u)6
Middle Falls6
Middle Falls Creek Falls (u)15
Middle North Falls8
Mile Fifteen Falls (u)16
Moose Creek Falls15
Moose Lake Falls (u)15
Moose Valley Falls (u)16
Neal Creek Falls (u)16
North Falls8
Painter Falls16
Panther Creek Falls (u)16
Paradise Branch Falls (u)1
Pegleg Falls7
Pencil Falls3
Polallie Creek Falls (u)4
Pond Falls (u)15
Pup Creek Falls7
Puzzle Creek Falls (u)13
Rainbow Falls15
Ramona Falls1
Reid Glacier Falls (u)1
Rock Creek Falls (u)16
Ron Falls (u)11
Royal Terrace Falls16
Sahale Falls3
Sahalie Falls14
Salmon Falls11
Sandy River Falls (u)1
Sardine Creek Falls (u)12
Scott Creek Falls (u)16
Sevenmile Creek Falls (u)12
Shellburg Falls10
Shot Pouch Creek Falls (u)15
Shower Creek Falls7
Singer Falls5
Sixes Creek Falls (u)16
South Falls8
South Fork Clackamas Falls (u)6
Split Falls2
Stasel Falls10
Stein Falls2
Steve Falls (u)11
Stout Creek Falls10
Stranahan Falls4
Sullivan Creek Falls (u)11
Switchback Falls3
Tally Creek Falls (u)15
Tamanawas Falls4
Tamolitch Falls14
The Falls6
Tipsu Falls (u)6
Trillium Falls (u)1
Trinity Falls9
Trout Creek Falls (u)15
Twin Falls8
Twin Falls16
Umbrella Falls3
Upper Battle Ax Cr Falls (u)11
Upper Butte Creek Falls9
Upper Cougar Creek Falls (u)15
Upper Crash Creek Falls (u)16
Upper Downing Creek Falls (u)13
Upper Eagle Creek Falls6
Upper Falls Creek Falls (u)15
Upper Husky Creek Falls (u)15
Upper Memaloose Creek Falls (u)6
Upper Moose Lake Falls (u)15
Upper North Falls8
Upper Pond Falls (u)15
Upper Rock Creek Falls (u)16
Upper Soda Falls15
Upper Tally Creek Falls (u)15
Upper West Fork Falls (u)16
Upper Yocum Falls (u)2
Vanishing Falls2
Wallalute Falls4
Wallalute Senior Falls (u)4
West Coe Branch Falls (u)4
West Fork Falls (u)16
West Fork Valley Falls (u)16
Whispering Falls12
Whitcomb Creek Falls (u)16
Wiley Creek Falls (u)16
Wiley Valley Falls (u)16
Willamette Falls5
Winter Falls8
Wizard Falls13
Yocum Falls2
Yocum Ridge Falls (u)1

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