A Waterfall Lover's Guide to the Pacific Northwest 5th ed.
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Alkaki Creek Falls15
Annie Falls17
Barr Creek Falls18
Blue Hole Falls (u)7
Brice Creek Falls7
Butte Falls20
Button Creek Falls (u)18
Campbell Falls14
Canton Creek Falls11
Cascade Creek Falls (u)15
Cathedral Falls14
Cavitt Falls9
Cedar Creek Falls8
Chichester Falls3
Chocolate Falls21
Clark Creek Falls (u)20
Clover Falls8
Clearwater Falls13
Coal Valley Falls (u)5
Cobble Creek Falls (u)10
Columnar Falls12
Cow Creek Falls13
Deadline Falls10
Deer Lick Falls14
Diamond Creek Falls6
Dillon Falls21
Duwee Falls17
Emigrant Creek Falls (u)21
Emile Falls8
Erma Bell Falls (u)4
Estep Creek Falls (u)5
Evergreen Falls (u)7
Fall Creek Falls10
Fall Creek Falls (u)3
Fall Creek Falls6
Far Upper Falls (u)15
Fern Falls10
Fir Creek Falls (u)5
Flat Creek Falls (u)18
Gold Basin Falls (u)3
Grotto Falls8
Grouse Mountain Falls7
Hemlock Falls8
Highway Falls15
Honey Creek Falls2
Honey Creek Falls2
Indian Holes Falls2
Jack Falls11
Jumpoff Joe Falls21
Lemolo Falls13
Lillian Falls5
Linton Falls2
Little Falls11
Logan Creek Falls (u)3
Lower Diamond Creek Falls6
Lower Erma Bell Falls (u)4
Lower Fall Creek Falls (u)6
Lower Natural Bridge Falls (u)16
Lower Parker Falls7
Lower Red Blanket Falls (u)18
Lower Trestle Creek Falls7
Mesa Creek Falls (u)2
Middle Fork Falls (u)4
Middle Hemlock Falls (u)8
Middle Red Blanket Falls (u)19
Middle Rogue Falls (u)15
Mile 44 Falls (u)10
Mill Creek Falls18
Moon Falls7
Mosquito Valley Falls (u)2
Muir Creek Falls15
National Creek Falls15
Natural Bridge Falls (u)16
Needle Falls (u)5
North Verdun Rock Falls (u)6
Nugget Falls21
Obsidian Falls2
Parker Falls7
Pearsoney Falls18
Pinard Falls7
Pine Creek Falls (u)5
PK Creek Falls (u)3
Plaikni Falls17
Prospect Falls (u)18
Proxy Falls2
Rainbow Falls2
Red Blanket Falls19
Rough Rider Falls15
Salmon Creek Falls5
Salt Creek Falls6
Separation Creek Falls (u)2
Shadow Creek Falls (u)2
Shadow Falls9
Smith Falls7
South Umpqua Falls14
South Verdun Rock Falls (u)6
Spirit Falls7
Steamboat Falls11
Stuart Falls19
Surprise Falls12
Susan Creek Falls10
Terwilliger Falls (u)1
Ti'lomikh Falls21
Toketee Falls12
Trestle Creek Falls7
Tributary Falls (u)8
Turner Drop16
Union Creek Falls (u)16
Upper Falls2
Upper Deer Lick Falls (u)14
Upper Fall Creek Falls (u)6
Upper Fir Creek Falls (u)5
Upper Fork Falls (u)4
Upper Mesa Creek Falls (u)2
Upper Parker Falls7
Upper Rogue Falls (u)15
Upper Separation Cr Falls (u)2
Upper Susan Creek Falls (u)10
Upper Trestle Creek Falls7
Verdun Rock Falls (u)6
Vidae Falls17
Warm Springs Falls13
Waterfall Lane Falls (u)9
Watson Falls12
White Branch Falls2
Whitehorse Falls13
Wildwood Falls7
Wolf Creek Falls8
Woodruff Falls (u)16
Yakso Falls8
Youngs Creek Falls (u)5

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