A Waterfall Lover's Guide to the Pacific Northwest 5th ed.
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Affi Falls10
Alice Falls2
American Valley Falls (u)12
Baker Point Falls (u)10
Basaltic Falls10
Bloucher Falls7
Boise Creek Falls (u)13
Boulder Creek Falls (u)10
Boulder Junction Falls (u)10
Bumping River Falls (u)14
Butter Creek Falls (u)7
Carbon Falls (u)2
Carter Falls7
Cataract Falls2
Chenuis Falls2
Chimneys Falls (u)10
Chinook Creek Falls (u)11
Christine Falls7
Clear Creek Falls16
Clear Creek Fork Falls (u)16
Clear Fork Falls (u)19
Clear Lake Falls16
Colonnade Falls (u)3
Comet Falls7
Conrad Meadows Falls (u)16
Cora Falls (u)5
Cougar Falls9
Crag Lake Falls (u)12
Crescent Creek Falls (u)2
Cress Falls2
Dalles Falls13
Davis Creek Falls19
Davis Valley Falls (u)19
Deer Creek Falls (u)11
Denman Falls6
Deschutes Falls4
Devil Creek Falls15
Dewey Lake Falls (u)12
Doe Falls13
Eagle Creek Falls (u)4
East Basaltic Falls (u)10
East Boulder Falls (u)10
East Canyon Creek Falls (u)13
East Nickel Creek Falls (u)10
East Van Trump Falls (u)7
Edith Gorge Falls8
Ethania Falls6
Fairy Falls9
Fall Creek Falls (u)10
Falls Creek Falls (u)13
Falls of Saint Andrews6
Feeder Falls (u)16
Fish Ladder Falls17
Fryingpan Creek Falls (u)10
Garda Falls10
Giant Falls3
Goat Mountain Falls (u)10
Grant Purcell Falls17
Helen Falls (u)6
Hopkins Creek Falls19
Horsetail Falls15
Huckleberry Creek Falls (u)10
Huckleberry Creek Falls (u)16
Indian Creek Falls16
Ipsut Falls2
Jennings Falls19
Jordan Basin Falls (u)19
Kan Falls (u)19
Kautz Creek Falls (u)7
Lake Corral Falls16
Larrupin Falls6
Laughingwater Creek Falls (u)10
Lava Creek Falls17
Little Mashel Falls4
Louise Lake Falls (u)9
Lower Cataract Falls (u)2
Lower Cora Falls (u)5
Lower Devil Creek Falls (u)15
Lower Little Mashel Falls (u)4
Lower Nickel Creek Falls (u)10
Lower Stevens Falls (u)9
Lower Sunbeam Falls (u)9
Lower Van Trump Falls (u)7
Lower Williwakas Falls (u)9
Madcap Falls7
Maple Falls9
Margaret Falls10
Marie Falls10
Martha Falls9
Mary Belle Falls10
McCall Basin Falls (u)16
Mesatchee Creek Falls14
Middle Boulder Creek Falls (u)10
Middle Ohanapecosh Falls (u)10
Middle Van Trump Falls (u)7
Middle Voight Creek Falls (u)1
Mile 13 Falls (u)10
Myrtle Falls8
Nahunta Falls7
Narada Falls7
Needle Creek Falls (u)10
Nisqually Moraine Falls (u)8
Nisqually Valley Falls (u)8
Ohanapecosh Falls (u)11
Ohanapecosh Park Falls (u)10
Olallie Creek Falls (u)10
Paradise Falls (u)8
Paradise Valley Falls (u)8
Pass Falls (u)12
Pearl Falls7
Rainbow Falls18
Ranger Falls2
Resort Falls (u)1
Ruby Falls8
Saint Johns Falls10
Salmon Falls15
Silver Falls10
Skate Valley Falls (u)18
Skookum Falls13
Sluiskin Falls8
Snoquera Falls13
South Fork Falls16
South Ohanapecosh Falls (u)10
Spray Falls3
St Andrews Falls (u)6
Stafford Falls11
Stevens Fork Falls (u)9
Stevens Valley Falls (u)9
Sunbeam Falls9
Sunrise Falls (u)10
Sydney Falls11
Sylvia Falls9
Tato Falls7
Tatoosh Falls7
Thunder Falls17
Tilton River Falls (u)4
Tom Tom Falls4
Tomlinson Falls7
Trixie Falls10
Twin Falls10
Union Creek Falls14
Upper Boulder Creek Falls (u)10
Upper Chimneys Falls (u)10
Upper Chinook Creek Falls (u)11
Upper Clear Creek Falls (u)16
Upper Clear Fork Falls (u)19
Upper Crag Lake Falls (u)12
Upper Davis Creek Falls (u)19
Upper Deschutes Falls (u)4
Upper Eagle Creek Falls (u)4
Upper Falls (u)17
Upper Falls Creek Falls (u)13
Upper Mesatchee Falls5
Upper Ohanapechosh Falls (u)10
Upper Olallie Falls (u)10
Upper Ruby Falls (u)8
Upper South Fork Falls (u)16
Upper St Andrews Falls (u)6
Upper Stevens Falls (u)9
Upper Sunbeam Falls (u)9
Upper Van Horn Falls (u)10
Upper Voight Creek Falls (u)1
Upper Williwakas Falls (u)9
Van Horn Falls10
Van Trump Falls (u)7
Vernal Park Falls (u)10
Victor Falls1
Voight Creek Falls (u)1
Washington Cascades8
Wauhaukaupauken Falls10
Wenas Creek Falls (u)15
West Canyon Creek Falls (u)13
West Fork Tilton River Falls (u)4
West Nickel Creek Falls (u)10
West Ohanapecosh Falls (u)10
West Quartz Creek Falls15
West Van Trump Falls (u)7
Wildcat Falls4
Wilson Falls (u)8

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